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Knowing what’s in your food and what it could be doing to your and your family’s health, is on your top list of priorities - it's why you are here! 

Taking back control of your health means, first learning what’s ‘gone wrong’ with our food… But, what to do about it? That’s the next step. Finding solutions. Replacing the bad with the good… without sacrificing taste!

Which is why I know you are going to LOVE my ‘This for that’ Ingredient Guide CHEAT SHEET. You learnt what’s 'wrong' with coffee and toast  (2 ‘go-to’ foods, many of us can’t live without), but now you need to know how to change it.

This Guide will show you how to enjoy coffee and toast that won't rob you of your health.

What other's are saying...

“As a fellow health enthusiast, I'm always looking for new and inspiring recipes to try out. I love not only the delicious, raw and vegan treats that Sam creates for Fresh Life Journeys, but also the way she presents them - beautiful images, easy-to-follow instructions and always with friendly words of encouragement that make me feel like I'm hanging out with a friend.” - Annemarie Luck

What you get in the FREE Guide...

'This For That' *Guide

You will have all the healthiest (and tastiest) options to replace ingredients normally used in coffee and bread/toast. (*Vegan)

How to MYO Coffee

Brewing up a batch of 'clean' coffee at home means you know what's in your coffee - plus, you'll need it to make my delicious coffee recipes.

How to MYO Nut Milk

It's surprising how quick and easy, AND delicious, making your own milk alternatives can be.

How to MYO Date Paste

A beautiful, creamy, naturally sweet alternative to sugar and other 'bad-for-you' artificial sweeteners.

My BEST Coffee Recipe

This is my 'go-to' coffee recipe that is clean, creamy and totally yummy.

My BEST Wheat-Free/Gluten-Free *Flatbread Recipe

Nothing beats having a bread recipe that's quick and easy to make, which you can toast and enjoy often, without the health consequences. (*Vegan)

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS - My BEST Wheat-Free/Gluten-Free Crunchy Vegan Pizza Recipe

You and your family will LOVE this recipe - even I was able to sway my Pizza-loving Fiance to eat this as an alternative - no small feat!

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